Reminder From the Washington State Legislature: Director Fees Are Taxable For B&O Tax Purposes

One of the many tax bills being considered in Olympia right now is House Bill 2972. One of the aims of HB 2972 (see Part III) is to make clear that director fees are taxable for business and occupation tax purposes in Washington State.

HB 2972 states as follows:

“(3) The legislature finds that corporate directors are not employees or servants of the corporation whose board they serve on and therefore are not entitled to a business and occupation tax exemption under RCW 82.04.360. The legislature further finds that there are no business and occupation tax exemptions for compensation received for serving as a member of a corporation’s board of directors.

(4) The legislature also finds that there is a widespread misunderstanding among corporate directors that the business and occupation tax does not apply to the compensation they receive for serving as a director of a corporation. It is the legislature’s expectation that the department of revenue will take appropriate measures to ensure that corporate directors understand and comply with their business and occupation tax obligations with respect to their director compensation. However, because of the widespread misunderstanding by corporate directors of their liability for business and occupation tax on director compensation, the legislature finds that it is appropriate in this unique situation to provide limited relief against the retroactive assessment of business and occupation taxes on corporate director compensation.

(5) The legislature also reaffirms its intent that all income of all independent contractors is subject to business and occupation tax unless specifically exempt under the Constitution or laws of this state or the United States. 

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