Text of Draft Economic Nexus Bill

Please provide comments on this preliminary draft bill.

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  • http://www.ustaxaid.com Megan H.

    It’s discouraging to watch state after state climb on the “economic nexus” bandwagon with onerous and over-reaching nexus requirements. “… and police and fire protection and a transportation system benefiting in-state agents and other representatives of out-of-state businesses.” How does that apply to an online business?
    Also, the statement that “a person found to have nexus in one year will be deemed to have nexus for the following four years” doesn’t sound supportable. You have one good year and pay for it for the next four? It’s almost like a penalty. “Blast your success! Now you must pay! And pay, and pay, and pay, and pay!”
    The statement in the beginning of the legislation, about “orderly and well regulated marketplace” seems ironic, considering that as each state piles on this kind of legislation, our market gets more chaotic by the day.
    Thanks for your blog! Good info and updates :)