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Nexus, What Is It?

“Nexus” is a term used to describe what level of contacts a company must have with a state in order for that state to be able to impose taxes and/or sales/use tax collection and remittance responsibility. “Nexus” for state income … Continue reading

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California Nexus Tax Bill

California now has in place the below embedded affiliate nexus tax law. From the preface of the bill: This bill would include in the definition of a retailer engaged in business in this state any retailer entering into agreements under … Continue reading

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Manager Managed LLC

A “manager managed LLC” is an LLC the management of which is vested in the managers, as opposed to the members.

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Single & Double Trigger Acceleration

Single Trigger Acceleration Acceleration of vesting based on a single, specified, event, such as an acquisition or change of control. To be contrasted with double trigger acceleration, which is acceleration based on two events–such as a change of control and … Continue reading

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Supreme Court Will Hear GPS Tracking Case

The United States Supreme Court will decide whether the government must obtain a warrant to install a GPS tracking device on suspects’ vehicles. The case should prove to be momentous as far as the Fourth Amendment and technology are concerned. … Continue reading

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