Compare Your Term Sheet Using The Greenline Legal Term Sheet Comparison Tool

Davis Wright Tremaine, StartupLawBlog and Greenline Legal have teamed up to make a powerful tool available to the startup community. It allows you to compare the provisions of your term sheet side-by-side to a number of widely recognized standards.

The assessment helps you:

  • Quickly focus on critical issues.
  • Better understand the terms in a complex deal.
  • Become a more effective and persuasive negotiator.

How does your term sheet compare?

To use the tool, go to the right hand side of StartupLawBlog and click the “Compare Your Term Sheet” button. Once there, select one or two term sheets to analyze, pick the models you want to compare them to, and then choose your terms you want to see out of the list.

Greenline uses machine learning algorithms to identify, extract and categorize legal language, pulling out and matching up the comparable provisions. Your term sheets and models are shown in the columns, displaying the relevant provisions side-by-side. Thus you can easily see how your language differs from market standards. This gives you the knowledge to form a better negotiating strategy and the insight as to how your particular term sheet fits in to well-known market norms.  We’ll be adding additional model term sheets in the coming weeks.

For technical guidance contact Greenline Legal at info@ Greenline Legal dot com. For questions contact Joe Wallin.

Cautionary Statement: Use of the tool does not constitute legal advice. In all instances, companies are encouraged to consult their own attorney in evaluating legal documents.

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