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“Crowdfunding”: An Idea Whose Time Has (Legally) Come?

By DC Sanders The idea of crowdfunding has been around for some time, but is only now getting traction among lawmakers who can bring about the loosening of Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) restrictions and make the practice a readily … Continue reading

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The President’s Jobs Council Has Some Good Ideas For Startups!

Jobs, jobs, jobs! From Wall Street to the main street, people are rattling the rafters of the attic of the American economic pyramid, screaming for something to stimulate job growth. Among them the President’s Jobs Council, which has made some … Continue reading

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Early Homo Sapiens, Startups, Persistence Hunting & Congress

I work with a lot of startup companies and I hear a frequent cry, “We need money!” They need to raise capital in order to get their businesses off the ground or to keep their businesses going. These are businesses … Continue reading

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Critical Elements of a Successful Startup

Above is a case study and candid interview with the executive team of a successful startup. They explain some of the elements that helped them get to where they are, advice to those with a new startup, and some really … Continue reading

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