Send Me A Gibber!

The great thing about technology is it keeps getting better at helping us communicate. Now, there is a new tool, which helps fill out another slice of the communication spectrum. Click on the step-by-step pictures for a larger view.

1) Find app

Gibberin allows you to send spoken messages to your contacts through an easy to use iPhone app. So, for example, if you want to send someone a quick note, but don’t want to type out a text message or an email, you can simply hit a button, record a voice-note (aka a “gibber”), and send that note to whomever you like.  There is no conversion to text.  They get the full benefit of the pace, inflection, emotion and emphasis in your recorded note. The recipient can easily reply via Gibberin, using the app in the same manner.

2) Create acct

This is easier than calling me, and having to wait for my voicemail (and risk actually having to talk to me!).

3) Find contacts

Install the Gibberin app on your iPhone and send me a Gibber. My handle is joe!

Here is how you use Gibberin:

First, download it from the app store. You can find it at the iTunes Store here. The app isfree.

4) Gibber

Next, on the contacts page, hit the + button, and under the user name, enter my user name “joe.”

Next, send me a gibber!


Disclaimer: Gibberin is a client of DWT.

About Joe Wallin

Joe Wallin focuses on emerging, high growth, and startup companies. Joe frequently represents companies in angel and venture financings, mergers and acquisitions, and other significant business transactions. Joe also represents investors in U.S. businesses, and provides general counsel services for companies from startup to post-public.
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