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General Solicitation for Startups

The SEC has finally issued proposed rules that would eliminate the prohibition against general solicitation and advertising in Rule 506 offerings. The proposed rules are good news for startups because they offer broader access to investment capital sources, and the … Continue reading

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Founder Institute

My colleague Christina Chan and I recently had the opportunity to interview Dave Parker of the Founder Institute. You can read our interview of Dave below. If you haven’t heard of the Founder Institute, it has been helping entrepreneurs in … Continue reading

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Interstate Business Taxes

By Garry Fujita Washington-based businesses tend to focus on Washington’s business taxes, because those taxes are typically the most relevant.  However, as businesses grow into interstate business activities, they can become subject to another state’s income tax jurisdiction … like … Continue reading

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How to Hire an Advisory Board Member

How To Document the Retention of An Advisory Board Member By Joe Wallin Our clients frequently ask us this question: “We want to bring on an advisory board member. Can you help us?” The answer is, “Of course, absolutely.” And here … Continue reading

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Social Purpose Corporations Explained

Are you concerned about how your company impacts society and the planet? As of June 7, 2012, a new form of business corporation – the social purpose corporation – is available in Washington that allows corporations to adopt charters that … Continue reading

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