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“Golden Parachute Payment” Taxes Excessively Hard On Founders

Suppose you are the founder of a hot startup. You and your other co-founders have worked hard. You’ve been at it for years. And now, you have finally gotten what you have been working for. A healthy buyout offer. The … Continue reading

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Section 1045: Let’s Fix It

If Congress is on the hunt for ideas to make life better for startups and emerging growth companies, here is another: “Amend Section 1045 of the Internal Revenue Code to extend the 60 day rollover period to 6 months.” First … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Global Expansion for Startups

Guest post by Steve Wilson, Osborne Clarke One of the clearest trends in recent years is that overseas expansion is becoming a consideration for every business almost from the point of start-up onwards.  It used to be the case that … Continue reading

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The Rule Against Entrepreneurs

You may have heard of the Rule Against Perpetuities. Maybe. If you went to law school. It is an absurd old rule, crafted by the English common law courts years and years ago. But have you heard of “The Rule … Continue reading

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