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Stock Option Exercise Tax Math

Exercising a stock option is not always as straight forward as you might expect. The reason? Taxes. How to Calculate the Tax on the Exercise of an NQO “Spread” means the positive difference between the fair market value of the … Continue reading

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Social Purpose Corporations: Reports

If you are a social purpose corporation, don’t forget about your annual social purpose report.  Under RCW 23B.25.150, social purpose corporations have to file a report annually, reporting on how they are doing. The Social Purpose Corporation Statute, RCW 23B.25.150 (the … Continue reading

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Commercial Coventures: Making a Difference while Making a Profit

By David Lawson Many entrepreneurs want to use their businesses to make a difference in their communities, but don’t necessarily want to start nonprofits or dedicate themselves only to charitable causes.  One of the most common tools entrepreneurs use to … Continue reading

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