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Does An SPC Have to Give Money To Charity?

I had a prospective client call me the other day. She was thinking that in order to be a Social Purpose Corporation the corporation would have to pay a certain amount of money to charity each year. There is no … Continue reading

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Discounted Stock Options and Tax Code Section 409A: A Cautionary Tale

Guest Post By Scott Usher of Bader Martin, P.S. In the startup ecosphere, stock options are commonplace. They’re one way young companies can compensate for sweat equity and lower-than-market salaries or consulting fees, and generally provide recipients with a performance … Continue reading

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Incorporating an LLC

By Joe Wallin and Scott Usher of Bader Martin, P.S. It is not uncommon for founders to start their companies as LLCs and then want to or need to incorporate or convert to a corporation later. Incorporating an LLC does … Continue reading

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A Story

A Story I am in the middle of a Rule 506 all accredited investor offering. One of the folks who wants to invest in my company was stumped at my accredited investor questionnaire. He earns $175,000 a year. He doesn’t … Continue reading

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A Legal Primer on Websites

By Sanjay M. Nangia A Legal Primer on Websites  After spending months – maybe longer – crafting your company’s website, you may begin to wonder whether (1) your site is “legal”; and (2) you are sufficiently protecting your legal interests.  … Continue reading

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