The SEC Releases Crowdfunding Rules…Now What?

SEC Crowdfunding RulesThe SEC issued its long awaited proposed crowdfunding rules yesterday. NPR asked me for my thoughts on how it might apply and what to expect.

NPR Interview

More About the SEC Crowdfunding Rules

Take a look at the SEC Draft Rules 

Then check out the SEC’s press release and fact sheet 

See the full manuscript on the Northwest Public Radio site.

A really good summary by Kevin Laws of Angel List.

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  • lunarmobiscuit

    Hurray, the SEC finally has shown some progress! Boo, they turned a 9 page law into a 585 page set of rules!!! I’d ask “what were they thinking” but the answer is obvious…

    • Joe Wallin

      Thanks Luni. So far, I’ve been pleasantly surprised at what I’ve been able to digest of the proposed rules. Nothing horrific so far, at least not that I’ve discovered. A big improvement over the Proposed Reg D/Form D rules.