Is Sitting The New Smoking?

Is sitting the new smokingIn the United States, we watch televised dancing competitions in a sedentary state of hypnotic bliss, giving little thought to the implications. However, two studies published in the October issue of The British Journal of Sports Medicine have concluded that each hour you sit shaves 22 minutes off your life, as opposed to just 11 minutes for a cigarette. This conclusion was a result of an in-depth examination of data collected by the ongoing Australian Diabetes, Obesity and Lifestyle Study, funded in part by the Australian government, which maps the health habits of 12,000 Australians.

Sure, there has been ample media time given to the bulkification of America. In fact, we most likely saw said-stories while sitting and watching television. But merely closing the chip bag and searching on the internet for gym memberships is not enough! We sit at our desks, we sit during our commute, we sit at home; it’s as if our legs only exist to give us an excuse to buy new pants.

Many people are realizing this and deciding to do something about it. Walking meetings used to be reserved for movies where two trench-coated characters would have clandestine conversations while strolling through the DC capital mall. Now, regular people are having walking meetings as well, like my friend Greg Gottesman, described in his blog post Walk With Me.

Do you already have a standing desk? What about your friends? Do you chide them that they sit too much? Do you wear a Nike Fuel Band and compulsively compete with your friends?

Well, if you’re concerned that all of your sitting has shortened your life enough that you may keel over before you’re done reading this blog post, then my friends at client MVMNT, Inc. have a solution. They’ve launched a Sit Tracker crowdfunding campaign. It’s a device that will track how long you sit (pictured above). They intend to build software as well that will enable you to compete with your friends as to who sits the least.

I’m getting one. Ping me if you get one too. I look forward to competing with you!

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