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Startup Public Policy with Congressman Adam Smith

Congressman Adam Smith (D-WA) will be joining us to discuss some of the very exciting state and federal public policy issues being bandied about both in Olympia and on Capital Hill in Washington D.C. A skilled lawyer and a longtime public servant–starting as … Continue reading

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Intrastate Crowdfunding and the 499 Shareholder Problem

In prior posts I have lamented the problems with the federal crowdfunding law.  The SEC is still behind on finalizing rules implementing the crowdfunding provisions of the JOBS Act. In the meantime, Washington State and a handful of other states have … Continue reading

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Is Title III Equity Crowdfunding Going to Work?

I was invited to appear on HuffPost TV the other day, to talk about crowdfunding. The conversation quickly turned into a discussion of the potential negatives of crowdfunding, and the risks. Then there was this article in Salon, with the … Continue reading

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Meetup Thoughts Regarding Proposed Reg D and Form D Rules

At a meetup yesterday, someone asked me to comment on the proposed SEC rules regarding Reg D and Form D. Here is what I jotted down on the spot as comments someone could submit to the SEC: (1) The spirit … Continue reading

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What Is The Single Worst Change In the Proposed SEC Rules?

  What is the worst thing about the SEC’s proposed rules? Is it the requirement that lengthy legends be prominently displayed on all written general solicitation material? Nah. We can live with this requirement. Is it the requirement to file … Continue reading

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