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“Demo Days” and General Solicitation

I’ve been writing an article on general solicitation, a long one, and doing a lot of research.  As part of that, I found the attached SEC No-Action letter that I wanted to share with everyone, because it directly hits on … Continue reading

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Pitfalls of The Proposed Regulation D Rules

There is an argument going around that the proposed Reg D rules are not that bad because they affect only companies that are going to generally solicit their Reg D securities offerings. This is simply not true. The SEC’s proposed … Continue reading

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Section 1045: Let’s Fix It

If Congress is on the hunt for ideas to make life better for startups and emerging growth companies, here is another: “Amend Section 1045 of the Internal Revenue Code to extend the 60 day rollover period to 6 months.” First … Continue reading

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