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The Washington Supreme Court Holds That I-1053 Is Unconstitutional

By Garry Fujita The Decision is in:  The Washington Supreme Court holds that I-1053 is unconstitutional, but did the Court properly construe Art. II, Sec. 22 of the Washington State Constitution? Five times, in I- 601, R-49, I-960, I-1053 and … Continue reading

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Director Fees Update: Substantial Nexus and the Property Factor

By Garry Fujita On August 27, 2010, we addressed the taxation of director fees in the article, Washington State B&O Tax on Director Fees.  In that post, we addressed the substantial nexus requirement that is necessary before Washington may extend … Continue reading

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Section 1244 Stock

I was presenting to a group of angel investors recently on the topic of Section 1202 and Congress’s renewal of the 100% exclusion for investments made through the end of this tax year when the conversation turned to Section 1244 … Continue reading

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How Long Does the New Qualified Small Business Stock Benefit Last?

I was asked by someone the other day, “Are you sure that the 100% tax exclusion for investments in qualified small business stock that Congress passed as part of the fiscal cliff bill lasts until the end of 2013? My … Continue reading

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Fiscal Cliff Bill Would Renew 100% Exclusion for QSB Stock Investments

The fiscal cliff bill has a surprise few expected. It would renew through the end of 2013 the 100% exclusion from tax gain on qualified small business stock held for at least 5 years (there is a cap on the … Continue reading

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