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Sales Tax Nexus

I received a phone call recently from the founder of an Internet business. He wanted to know what the rules were for collecting and remitting sales taxes. His company sold items of taxable personal property off his company’s website. I … Continue reading

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“Golden Parachute Payment” Taxes Excessively Hard On Founders

Suppose you are the founder of a hot startup. You and your other co-founders have worked hard. You’ve been at it for years. And now, you have finally gotten what you have been working for. A healthy buyout offer. The … Continue reading

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The Washington Supreme Court Holds That I-1053 Is Unconstitutional

By Garry Fujita The Decision is in:  The Washington Supreme Court holds that I-1053 is unconstitutional, but did the Court properly construe Art. II, Sec. 22 of the Washington State Constitution? Five times, in I- 601, R-49, I-960, I-1053 and … Continue reading

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