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5 Things To Remember As You File Your Section 83(b) Election

As the founder of a startup company, by the time you get to the point of filing a Section 83(b) election with the IRS, you will have most likely already bought a helmet to keep your brains from flowing freely … Continue reading

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Nexus, What Is It?

“Nexus” is a term used to describe what level of contacts a company must have with a state in order for that state to be able to impose taxes and/or sales/use tax collection and remittance responsibility. “Nexus” for state income … Continue reading

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California Nexus Tax Bill

California now has in place the below embedded affiliate nexus tax law. From the preface of the bill: This bill would include in the definition of a retailer engaged in business in this state any retailer entering into agreements under … Continue reading

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Think You’re Having a Bad Day?

Consider this thought: for the last several decades, you have not been paying sales tax on food, because the state exempts food sales from the tax. Okay, that is not an earth shattering thought. However, imagine that the legislature has … Continue reading

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If You Are An LLC, Consider Becoming a C Corporation Before Year End

You may benefit from converting from an LLC to a C corporation by year end. Continue reading

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