WTIA Gubernatorial Candidate Forum

This year’s election is as important as any in recent memory. Washington voters will choose many new statewide elected officials, none more important than governor. There are two highly qualified candidates in Democrat Jay Inslee, former Congressman, and Republican Attorney General Rob McKenna. Continue reading

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Washington State Needs Its Own Crowdfunding Law

As you are probably well aware by now, Congress passed a federal crowdfunding law. This was really exciting, but the federal law is problematic for many, many reasons. What are the problems with the federal crowdfunding law? To name just a few: Continue reading

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Mergers and Acquisitions

Selling your software or technology company is the most important transaction of your life, but also the most complicated. Done right, you might generate wealth for generations. Done wrong, it could be a disaster. Are you ready? If you want to be more ready, you might be interested in an event that will be held at our firm on July 18th and conducted by the Corum Group. Continue reading

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DOR Excise Tax Advisory on Paymasters

The Washington Department of Revenue’s Draft Excise Tax Advisory on Paymasters … Will This Affect You?

The Washington Department of Revenue (DOR) is revisiting the taxable/non-taxable status of paymasters. There is no expressed statutory exemption or deduction for paymasters; however, for years, DOR has approved properly enacted paymaster structures as non-taxable. DOR’s legal premise appears to be that the paymaster is a “mere conduit”, passing funds between the person who owes the money to the person who is owed the money. It seems simple. Continue reading

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US Provisional Patent Applications

Important Considerations for US Provisional Patent Applications

By George Rondeau and Heather Colburn

Many startup companies are formed around new ideas and inventions. Therefore, protecting such innovations may be extremely important, especially early on.
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