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General Solicitation and Startups Presentation

If you are a founder of a startup, you may be excited about the proposed new changes to the SEC general solicitation rules that were part of the JOBS Act for all accredited offerings under Rule 506. Don’t worry, it’s okay to be excited, I am too. But there is a whole lot you need to know before you do anything in regards to these proposed rules, which are not final yet. Continue reading →

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Washington State Needs Its Own Crowdfunding Law

As you are probably well aware by now, Congress passed a federal crowdfunding law. This was really exciting, but the federal law is problematic for many, many reasons. What are the problems with the federal crowdfunding law? To name just a few: Continue reading →

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The Troubles With The New Crowdfunding Law

Everyone is very excited about the new crowdfunding-for-securities law. Crowdfunding is a great idea–in concept. And now we have a new law which is about to make crowdfunding for securities a reality, at least in some sense. The trouble? The law is onerous. It is going to be difficult and expensive to comply with. The burdens of the new law are plenty, but the benefits of the new law are capped. In short, the crowdfunding law as currently written is, in my opinion, needs to be fixed.
 I don’t mean to be just negative here. Crowdfunding enthusiasts should take their enthusiasm back to Congress to try to get the law fixed. Here are a few of my complaints about the law as it currently stands and recommendations for improvements.

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