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LLC Compensatory Equity Awards – Complex and Difficult

By Joe Wallin and Dan Wright of Clark Nuber Question Is it more complex to make a compensatory equity grant from an LLC (taxed as a partnership) than from a corporation? Answer Yes Granting service providers an equity interest in … Continue reading

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C Corps v. S Corps

Suppose you’ve decided that you want to form your new business as a corporation (not an LLC), and you are trying to figure out if it should be an S Corp or a C Corp. How do you decide? Flip … Continue reading

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How To Keep Your Startup From Acting Like a Big Company

By Matt Heinz The kind of big-company behavior we all hate – bureaucracy, slow decision-making, politics, stifled innovation – doesn’t just happen at big companies. It creeps into new businesses as well, with just a handful of people. If you … Continue reading

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