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Crowdfunding: Current Legalities & Proposals

A few days ago, someone posted a question on the Seattle Tech Startups email list about crowdfunding. The gist of the question was, “Hey, I’m seeing a bunch of advertisements for workshops on selling securities through crowdfunding. Wouldn’t this be … Continue reading

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The President Favors Crowdfunding, But Is It Good Enough?

By Joe Wallin and Christina Chan The President is in favor of crowdfunding, and is “calling for a national framework that allows entrepreneurs and small businesses to raise capital through crowdfunding. (See the President’s proposal here).  This is exciting news … Continue reading

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“Crowdfunding”: An Idea Whose Time Has (Legally) Come?

By DC Sanders The idea of crowdfunding has been around for some time, but is only now getting traction among lawmakers who can bring about the loosening of Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) restrictions and make the practice a readily … Continue reading

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How Congress Can Make Startup Fundraising Easier and Better

Thank you Eric Koester! Continue reading

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