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Compare Your Term Sheet Using The Greenline Legal Term Sheet Comparison Tool

Davis Wright Tremaine, StartupLawBlog and Greenline Legal have teamed up to make a powerful tool available to the startup community. It allows you to compare the provisions of your term sheet side-by-side to a number of widely recognized standards.

The assessment helps you:

  • Quickly focus on critical issues.
  • Better understand the terms in a complex deal.
  • Become a more effective and persuasive negotiator.

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The First Rule Of Negotiation – Understand The Standards

You’ve just received a term sheet for your seed round. It looks pretty good, the investor seems honest and as a startup, you really, really need the funding. But how do you understand the sort of deal you’re getting?

Entrepreneurs and investors are demanding simpler, faster, less expensive ways to document seed rounds. This is driven in part by deal sizes, which are getting smaller. For a typical deal, early-stage funding terms should be fairly straightforward. But how can you tell if the deal being proposed is a good one? How can you use technology to help you?

Fortunately, there are widely-used models out there to make things easier, and by understanding them, your negotiating power is improved considerably. Your arguments are much more persuasive if you can point to a well-recognized precedent.  But how do you find these precedents?

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