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The Unbearable Lightness (of Being an LLC)

I had a client press me recently about converting from an LLC (taxed as a partnership) to a corporation.  The client had been considering raising money from angels and wanted to grant traditional corporate-style stock option to employees. I suggested … Continue reading

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Can An S Corporation Issue Qualified Small Business Stock?

I am the founder of a company.  If I formed my startup as an S corporation, can I convert it to a C corporation before the end of this year and still get 1202 status for my founder stock? Answer: … Continue reading

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Can an S Corporation Own a C Corporation?

I was asked this fundamental, basic question today: Can an S corporation own a C corporation?

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12 Reasons For A Startup Not To Be An LLC

Very seldom in our lives do we need to make 4,000 decisions in rapid succession. Welcome to the life of the owner of a startup. As decisions are made, founders often find themselves asking, “Can this seemingly mundane decision later … Continue reading

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New Proposed S Corporation Tax Bill Revised

As I blogged last week, Congress is considering taking away the employment tax benefits of being an S corporation for certain small professional services businesses. The first bill that was proposed targeted S corporations engaged in professional service businesses if … Continue reading

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