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New Ideas for Social Impact

You are a bright, socially aware individual who sees that there are many things in society that need changing, but recognize that you need to also make a living. You also have a great idea to help people or you … Continue reading

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What Type of Equity Incentive Should I Use?

Startups and emerging companies frequently have to answer this question. Continue reading

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Liquidity for Employees – Facebook’s Unique Solution

This week Facebook announced that an investor agreed to acquire up to $100 million of common stock from Facebook employees, which as I observed is a unique opportunity for private company employees. bloomberg.com/apps/news Investors sometimes permit founders to achieve liquidity … Continue reading

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Can An S Corporation Have Voting and Non-Voting Stock?

S corporations may only have one class of stock. ¬†However, “[d]ifferences in voting rights among shares of stock of a corporation are disregarded in determining whether a corporation has more than one class of stock.” ¬† Thus, an S corporation … Continue reading

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