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Why Is September 23rd An Exciting Day?

On September 23rd something very important happens. For the first time since we’ve been alive (at least, most of us), private companies will be able to generally solicit and generally advertise their all accredited investor Rule 506 securities offerings. Yes, … Continue reading

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The SEC’s Proposed Reg D Rules: Why We Care

The SEC has proposed new rules to govern angel and venture financings. If you are not familiar with the securities law, Rule 506 of Regulation D is the most commonly relied upon securities law exemption for early stage companies raising … Continue reading

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Help Define Accredited Investor

The SEC has requested comment on the definition of accredited investor. This request for comment appears in the SEC’s proposed rules on Regulation D and Form D. Apparently the SEC is readying to change the definition, perhaps in a way … Continue reading

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What Do the SEC’s Proposed Reg D Rules Actually Require?

You might be wondering – what exactly do the SEC’s proposed changes to Reg. D and Form D actually require? I have put together the below distillation in an attempt to summarize the changes in one page. The proposed rules … Continue reading

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You Can’t Tweet That

There is a lot being written in the press and in the blogs right now about the SEC lifting the 80-year old ban on general solicitation of private companies’ securities offerings. There is a lot of excitement about the possibilities. … Continue reading

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